Widney have a New UK Sales Engineer


Widney Manufacturing's latest addition to the UK Sales Team, Adam Garratt, will be responsible for Widney’s Heavy Duty & Light Duty Telescopic Slides.  Adam has been on the road this week visiting new potential telescopic slide users, to offer sliding solutions to a wide variety of marketplaces. 

Based at the Widney plant in Birmingham,  Adam will be travelling the length and breadth of the UK promoting the sliding solutions which Widney have within their portfolio.  

Over the next few weeks, Adam shall be tweeting his whereabouts on a daily basis, so should you be a telescopic slide user, then tweet Adam on @widneyslides and see if he can help you. 

Meanwhile back in the sales office …………. the few and far between Wolves fans were celebrating promotion.  As the majority of the workforce are Villa and Birmingham City fans, the talk of Wolves barely gets a mention.  So it was those happy Wolves fans that had their moment of glory for a change.  Mind you, it wasn’t so much fun for Birmingham City fan Steve in the sales office, they are on the brink of relegation.  Let’s hope he’s happy this time next week!