Sliding Roof Lights With Widney Slides


Last week saw a new application which led to a large slide order. The Widney 410 slide, which is a light in weight aluminium slide yet a heavy duty performing slide, was selected for sliding roof lights. The slide is ideal for such an application as the roof lights in question are aluminium frames with a heavy amount of load. The 410 outperforms any other like for like slide as its profile, material and load capacity is the perfect match for this application.

Sliding roof lights are a new feature which some window manufacturers are supplying to the market.  The moveability on the 410 is smooth, creating the ideal opening and closing movement. Production on the sliding roof lights will be taking place this month, with photos of the application soon to be released.

Meanwhile, vehicle conversion companies have been taking the advice of UK Sales Engineer Adam Garratt for a lock in lock out pair of slides for a heavy duty drawer within a utility vehicle. The 430 set, which is the Widney 410 slide aluminium slide with a fabricated locking system has been selected for a slide out drawer carrying heavy duty tools.

If you require more info on slides for sliding roof lights, then please contact for more information.