No Cut Backs For Widney 410 Slides

Government cut backs don't seem to be affecting Widney's 410 slide, having received further orders this week from fire truck builders within the UK and Europe.  The benefit of the 410 slide is it is a heavy duty aluminium slide which is light in weight so decreasing payload and fuel economy, giving even more reasons to fit the 410 slide on every heavy duty application available to its profile.

This week, our UK Sales Engineer has been busy in front of coach and trailer manufacturers, who have the problem of decreasing payloads.  One particular UK based trailer manufacturer has placed an order for the heavy duty aluminium 410 slide as it does exactly that. Carrying 325kg at 500mm long, this lightweight heavy duty load capacity slide will decrease the payload giving the customer reason to now use Widney's 410 aluminium slide.

These benefits have also carried over to other applications outside the trailer manufacturing industry.  One particular customer has specified a low corrosion and erosion slide as this application may need to operate under water.  With the application needing the slides to carry 250kg and the need of a lightweight slide being used, the 410 ticks every box again.

Widney manufacture both light & heavy duty slides on site in Birmingham.