Heavy Duty Aluminium Slide Launched to US Fire Truck Builders

FDIC the world's largest fire equipment show was held in the USA  this week.

Roger Cox, Widney's Global Sales Manager, was there to support Hansen International, Widney's US distributor in promoting Widney slides.

Widney and Hansen have launched the aluminium 410 heavy duty slide and the Slide and Tilt system to the US fire truck builders.

A number of the major builders have now committed to changing to the 410 slide, which offers a high load rating but major weight saving, an important consideration in todays fuel conscious economy.

Roger stated that:  "the 410 slide has been very well received and Hansen are doing a great job in promoting the new product”.

Meanwhile back in the sales office …….  Sue Evans was in charge of the Grand National sweep stake, and bizarrely Sue claimed not only first but second on the sweep ………… hmmmmm, not only slides which are manufactured on site!