Fire Truck Application


Following Roger's return from the FDIC Show in the US, he was able to obtain some application photos of the heavy duty 410 aluminium slide in action. The photo shows the slide in a battery box and step application within a US firetruck.

The Widney heavy duty range of slides has been used for emergency rescue vehicles for many years.  But the 410 slide has added new benefits for customers, as it's lighter in weight, has high corrosion resistance and a high load carrying capacity.

Meanwhile back in the sales office .....  Global Sales Manager Roger Cox returned from the FDIC Show in Chicago, where he was assisting our US distributor with our heavy duty slides range.  Whilst on his business trip, Roger managed to see his all time favourite artist perform, Cher. For What its Worth Roger was over the moon with seeing Cher, although his seats were high up in the arena he could just about see her. Roger stated If I Could Turn Back Time I would have booked front row seats, however I enjoyed it that much I felt like I was Walking in Memphsis.