Widney..... We have lift off!

It was a case of "Widney we have a problem" when a brief came through to the sales team for a space station application.

When Widney Manufacturing say we can provide telescopic slides for any application, anywhere, we mean it. Our aluminium 200 series slide is used for the ground version of the Microgravity Science Glovebox. The flight Microgravity Science Glove box has been in continuous operation aboard the International Space Station for over ten years, this is quite an achievement for any space hardware. These aluminium telescopic slides are manufactured within the Widney plant in Birmingham.

What does the Microgravity Science Glovebox do, I hear you say? Well, it provides a safe contained environment for research with liquids, combustion and hazardous materials in the microgravity conditions of the International Space Station.  Without the MSG, many types of hands-on investigations would be impossible or severely limited on board the Station.

Widney are a market leader in many products that have a significant impact on our industrial history. The Widney product range is integrated across all 7 continents into our daily lives from ATM cash machines to public transport, from emergency rescue vehicles to RV’s.  Widney supply across all continents of the world and also into space!

Meanwhile back in the sales office....... It was fun and games Monday morning when UK Sales Engineer Adam came in. The usual Monday morning meeting in the engine room took place, where Sue W pointed out that Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita of Austria shared facial hair similarities to Adam!  Yes, Adam has a designer beard but does not wear a wig and certainly doesn't wear dresses..... or not at least during working hours!!!  Not quite sure why I'm putting this, as I am Adam the UK Sales Engineer.  Nil Point for the similarity, but dix points for the comedy value.