Watch Out Adam's About


Following on from the success of recent weeks, our UK Sales Engineer Adam will yet again be letting our followers know his whereabouts via Twitter. Last week, Adam tweeted he was visiting horsebox manufacturers. This week Adam will be updating his whereabouts throughout the UK to enable you to contact Adam should you require a visit.  All you need to do is reply to the tweet and Adam will respond to you.

Tuesday Adam is  planning a trip to North Wales to see a new prospect. If you have a business in Wales that may already use slide out solutions or think you may benefit from slides, then look out for Adam’s tweets. You could always tweet Adam saying sut wyt ti?

This week he was visiting a wide range of businesses that are in need of high quality telescopic slides.

Meanwhile back in the sales office……. Lee the driver was excited as the newest Widney truck was delivered!  Lee, an avid Status Quo fan, will be now be Rocking All Over The World in the Mercedes Truck (well, the Midlands at least). The new Silver Merc Truck, which is Widney branded, will be on the roads and motorways, so if you see him then give him a toot, or better still tweet a picture of Lee and the Widney Truck to @widneyslides.  Best picture will receive a personal shout out in the weekly Widney blog, or…….. WhateverYou Want!