From basic drawer units to complex refrigerated storage cabinets, the Widney range of slides is used in commercial kitchens and food safe applications all over the world.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium alloys, steel and stainless steel telesides offer a proven solution for catering equipment.

In the demanding food safe environment Widney’s slide range, incorporating various food safe and protective surface finishes, can be used in a wide variety of equipment including high and low temperature products.  Using slides for access makes service, maintenance and cleaning of equipment simple and effective.

Widney’s engineers are available to help specify the right slide for the job.


Whether it’s National Heath Service, private hospitals, medical centres or ambulances, Widney’s light and heavy duty slides are widely used in medical equipment.

  • Special purpose trolleys
  • Hospital beds
  • Xray equipment
  • Operating theatres
  • Morgue equipment
  • Wheelchair ramps
are but a few of the applications using the slides.

Yet again the materials used and surface finishes applied to Widney slides ensure that one of the products in the range will be suitable for your application.

Technical sales can offer one of our standard slides or specify a solution to meet your individual needs.

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