About the 220/230

The 220 (LH) & 230 (RH) are a pair of precision ball bearing slides with a complete integral latching system.  The latching lever automatically engages in studs both when the slide is fully extended and when fully closed.  The latter normally entails extra components and fitting, but now it is available with no extra commitment except to provide simple cut-outs in the front panel to accept the projecting lever.  The slide movements are totally symmetrical and, with central I-beams, have excellent load carrying capacity.  They slide smoothly and easily due to a row of ball bearings (held in a nylon cage) in each track.

  • All aluminium slide

  • Non standard slides are available (custom lengths/extensions/fixing methods)

  • For applications covering shock and vibration please contact our sales team

  • Standard lengths 300mm to 600mm in 50mm increments

  • RoHS compliant

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