Widney Senior Management Team

Widney Wins BCI Business of The Year Award

Birmingham's Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards were recently held at Birmingham's prestigious International Convention Centre, the awards Banquet was hosted by local TV presenter Bob Warman, himself a local businessman.  Three companies were nominated for the award which was eventually won by Widney UK Limited.

The company has been established for over 100 years and has always been associated with the Midlands Vehicle Industry for 2 of its core product lines, Glazed Windows and Vehicle Roller Blinds, coupled with these products the company is the Market Leader in the design and manufacture of Telescopic Slides .  To qualify for the award the Chamber was looking for companies whose vision, ambition and skills have helped them achieve new levels of Business performance.  They are the businesses who have exploited the strengths of Birmingham and the local region demonstrating the highest standards in Marketing, promotion and communication. "The award" quotes the Chamber "will be awarded to the company that can demonstrate the following features"......

  • Embracing modern practices to benefit the business
  • Creation of quality new jobs
  • Development of internal training programmes.
  • Significant increase in productivity and profitability
  • Development of new products and services.
  • Triumph in overseas markets.
  • Increasing exposure and or market share.

Our Winning FormulaWidney Wins BCI Business of The Year Award

Many companies develop their businesses over a period of time, however Widney UK Limited has, in its long standing history, constantly maintained a leading market position in its core markets.

The features that  were highlighted by the chamber were particularly relevant to Widney which is why the company entered the competition.  Creation of new jobs is important to ensure an ongoing influx of new skills, as is the requirement for continual improvement in personnel with both internal and external training activities.

The company is currently under taking an exercise in business improvemnt techniques as part of the Train 2 gain programme which will result in a considerable number of employees achieving an NVQ qualification to level2.