MOTORISED STEP              

A local product development consultancy based in Coventry, approached Widney in 2009 with a request to supply a telescopic slide to be mounted in a motorised vehicle step they had developed.


Introduction of the slide was based on a cost effective sliding solution to improve the operation of the step and Widney proposed the 5030 slide.  Following some rigorous testing the slide was approved and put into production.  Widney’s involvement in supply of the slide led to a joint venture that has taken Widney into not only supplying the slide but now manufacturing the complete step to the customers design.

Current production schedules are in place and Widney manufacture, test and supply the step in returnable packaging on a weekly basis.

Widney’s development team worked closely with the customer team to engineer a product from initial proposal through to production units.

Further to the production cycle Widney have designed a new environmental test rig to test the step under road conditions. Both the customer and Widney now plan to expand on this initial success and are working together on new projects for the future