Carmichael Refinery Vehicle


Widney have for some years been supplying telescopic slides to Amdac Carmichael for use in fire and rescue vehicles for both home and export markets, however in recent years most of the vehicles produced at Carmichael are sold outside the uk.

This vehicle has just been shipped to the Middle East and has been designed specifically for use in oil refineries.

Widney slides have been incorporated in the vehicle to allow quick and easy access to breathing equipment.  The 5040 slide was selected for its ability to over-extend and give full access to the equipment rack.

The 4 beam  slide offers 140% extension enabling access to the back of the drawer or chassis if and when required.  The 5040 slide is one of the few slides in the market that has this feature and the heavy duty steel sections on this slide are well suited to this type of vehicle application.