New Product Launch - 410 300 kg Aluminium Slide

Widney’s new 410 slide is a heavy duty 3 beam slide with 100% extension and utilising Widney’s proven I beam construction. The slide offers high strength, high corrosion resistance and good weight reductions over comparative steel slides.

Designed to be compact the 410 slide has a space envelope of 68 mm x 24 mm, a comparatively small space envelope for a heavy duty slide.

Tested to 300 kg SWL and with a factor of safety of 2:1, the 410 slide was designed specifically with vehicle applications in mind, but can be used in many heavy duty applications, ie: 

  • Battery carriers           
  • Catering equipment
  • Naval applications  
  • Machine guarding
  • Vehicle shelving       
  • Materials handling

With vehicle emissions a major consideration to today’s vehicle builder, weight savings are a significant benefit in reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

The 410 slide, at only 30% of the weight of other comparative steel slides, offers significant benefits, with many fire and rescue vehicles containing 6 – 8 pairs of heavy duty slides currently averaging a weight of 16 – 20 kg per pair.  The total weight of slides per vehicle is in the region of 160 kg.

Using the 410 slide would reduce this weight to less than 60 kg per vehicle, a potential weight saving of 100 kg.  Couple this with the additional benefit of high corrosion resistance, aerospace grade aluminium and it's easy to see why the 410 slide is a winner where vehicles require multiple heavy duty drawers to be mounted. 

For further information and a copy of the 410 data sheet please contact the Widney sales team.