Innovative Telescopic Slide Solutions

Widney Manufacturing Ltd, a global market leader in the design and development of telescopic slides to the ATM industry, have been supplying Banking Automation for a number of years with the 200 series aluminium range of slides.

Banking Automation are an independent UK based company and a recognised front-runner in the manufacture and supply of automated self-service solutions.

Widney have assisted in some of their latest designs by supplying telescopic slides capable of being mounted in non-typical applications.

In the 4620 Series machine they have mounted 2 slides on one side of the sliding unit and in the 4400 Series machine the slide is mounted at an angle enabling the unit to slide forward under gravity when the latch is released.

These innovative solutions, which might be considered by some telescopic slide providers as “non-preferred”, prove yet again that the Widney telescopic slide range is a cost effective solution for equipment maintenance and accessibility.